Gene Click

Pickleball Director

With 25 years in senior level management and a passion for pickleball beyond compare, there is not a better fit to fulfill this role than Gene Click. Gene was first introduced to pickleball in 2014 at his church in Oklahoma City; he could not have imagined how a paddle sport in a church gym would transform his entire life. From learning, to teaching, to competing … from player to tournament director, to Greater Oklahoma City Pickleball Club President, to Facilities Manager and Director of Operations at the largest pickleball venue in Texas, to say pickleball has changed his life seems like an understatement!
As a father of three, uncle, husband, son and friend, one of Gene’s favorite things about this sport is that it transcends age and skill! Having an activity that the whole family can do together was a key part of the pickleball appeal for Gene and his family. The fact that pickleball also comes with the greatest community of people, helps him get his exercise and allows him to be competitive, has made this sport more than an addiction, it is his passion!
A fun fact about Gene is that he is a pickleball paddle fanatic! Gene currently owns over 160 pickleball paddles and is always looking for the next great paddle to hit the market! Gene loves sharing his paddles and giving others a chance to play with them. Just know, once you have shared a paddle, he considers you a friend!

Gene is excited to be a part of the Oasis Pickleball family! As a guy always looking to pick up a game, his desire is to see all 42 courts full of “passionate people playing pickleball” every single day! What a wonderful world that would be!