Junior Development Program Training Modules

Why Should Your Kid Join?

Sports are important for youth for both their physical health and mental health. They also help kids develop a wide range of skills to apply throughout their life from youth to adulthood. Picking the right junior development program is important for parents to ensure their child’s well-being and to give them a competitive edge.

What Does Oasis Have to Offer?

Our Junior Development Program welcomes kids of all skill levels, including beginners, to train with nationally ranked tennis champions. In addition, our coaches are well-trained in youth coaching and have supported many kids throughout their athletic journey. Children as young as four can join and become part of a fun community filled with learning experiences and life-lasting memories. They’ll make friends, take home valuable lessons, and maybe even start pursuing a passion they didn’t know they had! We’ll help set your child up for success by requiring a private lesson before joining to assess their skill level. This ensures they have the basics down before they join the Junior Development group.

Additionally, we also hold youth tournaments to help kids engage in friendly competition and show parents how we’re developing their skills. These events are meant to teach kids how to compete and encourage them to do their best. They’ll learn how to set goals and work toward achieving them, and you’ll get to be a part of the experience too by watching them! As a result, they gain valuable skills to take with them on and off the court.

Who Can I Contact?

To get more info, contact director@oasistennis.com.

We accept cash, card, checks, or Venmo. Our working hours Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm.

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