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Searching For ‘Pickleball Lessons Near Me’?

If you are searching for ‘pickleball lessons near me,’ you are probably an experienced player looking to hone your skills or a beginner who is looking to start a new hobby to stay active. Either way, Oasis Pickleball and Tennis Club is the perfect facility for you to improve your pickleball skills and have some fun while you’re at it!

Excellent Facilities

Oasis is the top pickleball and tennis facility in the DFW metroplex because of our fantastic facilities. We have beautiful outdoor courts, covered courts, and amenities such as a resort-style pool and sand volleyball courts so that everybody can have a great time. We are also conveniently located next to Urban Air, so your kiddos can have fun while you break a sweat on the court. Not only do we have state-of-the-art facilities, but we have also built a solid community of athletes that you can find practicing on our courts.

Professional Instructors

If you’re looking for ‘pickleball lessons near me,’ you are surely looking for professional instructors to make sure your pickleball skills are top-notch. Our experienced instructors are some of the best in the country and have competed against top pros. You can schedule a lesson with our Pickleball Pro, Chris, to improve your game. Chris welcomes players of all levels and skills to book a one-on-one session with him. Learn more about Chris and our other instructors here.

Most Pickleball Courts in DFW

At Oasis, we have the largest facility in the region! We have 16 dedicated outdoor pickleball courts, 4 permanently covered pickleball courts, 8 hybrid pickleball courts, and 2 incoming stadium-size official pickleball courts, for a combined total of 30 pickleball courts!

Our facilities, instructors, and number of pickleball courts are what make us one of the top pickleball and tennis facilities in DFW. Check out the best ‘pickleball lessons near me’ and contact us today!