play pickleball near me in dfw

Play Pickleball Near Me in DFW

Can’t decide between playing badminton, table tennis, or tennis? Then you must be in the mood for America’s fastest growing sport instead! Pickleball is a great sport with a quickly growing base of fans. You may find yourself searching ‘play pickleball near me,’ due to the fact that the sport is not ubiquitous just yet, or because you want to play at the best pickleball facility around! In either case, Oasis Pickleball & Tennis Club is the answer for anyone living in the DFW area who is interested in the sport.

Play Pickleball Near Me at Oasis Pickleball & Tennis Club

Why choose Oasis as your destination for all things pickleball?

One of the more obvious reasons would be out excellent facilities. We have 16 dedicated outdoor pickleball courts, 4 permanently covered pickleball courts, 8 hybrid pickleball courts, and 2 incoming stadium-size official pickleball courts. Consequently, our facilities have more pickleball courts than anywhere else in the DFW metroplex.

That’s a pretty good reason why Oasis ought to be on your radar if you’re searching ‘play pickleball near me.’

Another good reason for our prevalence in the DFW pickleball scene would be our commitment to the social and community elements of the sport that are just as important as everything happening on the court.

Oasis Pickleball & Tennis Club is committed to establishing and supporting long-lasting relationships with our members, creating an inviting social atmosphere, and cultivating a love of sport. It’s this sense of community that has garnered Oasis a great membership base of pickleball players. You should be able to find and connect with Oasis members of all skill levels at our club.

All the Ways to Play

When looking to play pickleball, you likely want a range of options for play.

At Oasis, we offer free play, skills & drills, and private training at the club. This range of options is sure to impress and satisfy every potential pickleball player who visits us!

If you are interested in playing pickleball at the top pickleball and tennis facility in the DFW metroplex, then please visit our website for more information, or contact us with any questions you might have!