Where to Play Pickleball Near Me

Where to Play Pickleball Near Me

When searching for “where to play pickleball near me,” you’ll want to look for a few key characteristics to find the best courts. Whether you’re an avid pickleball player or a beginner looking to get into the game, Oasis has the trusted pickleball pros to give you the best tips. Keep reading to see what makes a great pickleball facility!

Dedicated Courts

Most pickleball courts are temporary and set on top of tennis courts because there isn’t enough room for both. At Oasis, we have dedicated pickleball courts so you don’t have to share with the tennis crowd to get a good match in. It also makes it easier to see the boundaries of the court when it’s not overlapped with tennis lines.

Permanent Nets

Our courts are made with permanent nets to provide better durability and stability. You won’t need to worry about sagging or any breakage; no gust of wind will be able to knock them over! They are high-quality and regulation height, of course.

Suitable Surfaces

At Oasis, you’ll love the high-quality surface of our courts to give you consistent ball bounces every time. We guarantee there are no dead spots that will cause your rebounds to go awry. Our courts are practically new and their surfaces are top notch, so stop searching “where to play pickleball near me” and start heading over to Oasis.

Of course, the courts should be following U.S.A. Pickleball Guidelines in its dimensions, lines, nets, and other details. Oasis built its courts based on these guidelines, which is one of the reasons why we host a variety of tournaments throughout the year. We also offer both outdoor and covered pickleball courts to help accommodate our players for any inclement weather. You don’t need to search where to play pickleball near me anymore, just come to Oasis! Learn more about our facility or contact us today.